About Levi


My name is Levi! I am both incredibly excited and proud to announce that I will be your new FunChaser! I know the website is still full of all things Ty, but that will change soon as I try to fill his shoes. I felt that it might be good to offer you some sort of introduction, so you can get to know me, just as I will get to know you.

So here is goes:

Just over a week ago, I moved up here from the hustle and bustle that is Vancouver. I drove up with all my belongings packed into my tiny two-door car and took on the northern highway. Back home I was a student in the Radio program at BCIT, which is how I ended up here, chasing all the fun. In my free time I like to keep myself quite busy, whether it’s baking chocolate chip banana bread (my personal favourite), swimming laps, singing at the top of my lungs, dancing like a dad at a BBQ, finding scenery to photograph, trying new restaurants or binge watching Downton Abbey on Netflix. I’m always up for new adventures and love meeting new people (which is probably a good thing considering I don’t know anyone in this town yet). Oh, I feel that I should also note that I would love to learn how to curl and if you know how to knit, please pass along some advice on how to learn! Do you like tea as much as I do? Where’s the best place to go for sushi? Where’s a good optometrist?  I have so many questions and so much to learn!

So here I am, a big city girl in a bit of a smaller setting. I’m ecstatic to get to know, and become a part of this new community. Since I’m the new kid on the block, I would love to hear your recommendations for things I should try; whether it be the best place to get brunch or a festival you think I should attend. If you see me at an event in the bright yellow car, come say hi. I’d love to chat! I seriously can’t wait to get this party started!


Sincerely yours,


Levi the FunChaser

P.S. Here’s a photo of me having grand ol’ time on the top of a mountain!




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